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These people and organizations are inspiring and helping others through their work with food.

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How Good Gut Bacteria Could Transform Your Health
Scientist Jeff Leach is studying gut microbes that have the potential to improve our weight, mood, allergies, heart and more.
This Edible Succulent Might Be the Solution to Restoring Marshes
Through growing and replanting a humble sea bean that's also good to eat, Heron Farms aims to reverse the damage done to salt marshes in South Carolina.
How a Community Farm in Hawaii Is Helping Young Adults Improve Their Health
Gary and Kukui Maunakea-Forth's organic farm offers young adults the chance to learn about food, an opportunity that has had a ripple effect across their health.
This Museum Donated Their Gorgeous Peonies to Senior Living Communities
When COVID-19 caused them to cancel all their weddings, rather than let the hundreds of beautiful peonies that grace the grounds of the museum go un-enjoyed, the blooms were donated to retirement communities, schools, elderly neighbors and others who deserved a pretty pick-me-up.

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Share your love of your Instant Pot and help give back in the process.
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Michael Pollan talks about how cooking is the #1 way we can change the food system
This New Jersey Nonprofit Has Provided Over 45,000 Meals to Families Experiencing Childhood Illness

Meet Healing Meals, the nonprofit that took action to support kids with cancer after the founder's family experienced the disease firsthand.