Future of Food

There's already so much change happening in food. What can we expect in the next 5, 10, 20 years or more? From more sustainable plants to appliances that make cooking easier, it's a bright future indeed.

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Cultivating Better Health
Just as you have a microbiome, the soil beneath your feet has one too. And promising new research suggests it may have a surprising influence on food and human wellness.
How Patagonia Is Reshaping Sustainable Food Through Their Provisions Line
Under co-founder, Birgit Cameron's, leadership, Patagonia Provisions has championed sustainable ingredients and helped spearhead a Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC).
Meet the Innovator Behind the Plant-Based Meat Movement
Bruce Friedrich's Good Food Institute, which he founded in 2016, is committed to fighting climate change and reforming food systems via plant-based and lab-grown meat alternatives.
How This Restaurateur Is Using Technology—and His Mom's Recipes—to Reinvent Chinese Takeout
Mike Wang's MÓGŪ is delivering Chinese traditional recipes with modern technology. The result? A healthier takeout order that you can feel good about.
This Company's Secret to Making Award-Winning Cheese? Robots
Embracing technology has helped Jasper Hill Farm achieve high-quality, consistent artisan cheeses.

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