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Eating for a healthy heart can be delicious. Get easy, flavor-packed recipes, simple meal plans and tips to eat for a healthier heart from EatingWell's food and nutrition experts.

The Best Foods for Your Heart

Heart-Healthy Diet Plan for Beginners
A heart-healthy diet plan isn't about restricting, it's about enjoying! Let this easy-to-follow meal plan be your guide.
Complete List of Heart-Healthy Foods
Confused at the grocery store? This list will help you pick out the best food options for your heart.
The Worst & Best Things to Eat for Your Heart, According to a Dietitian
Here's what to eat, what to skip, and how to lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan for Healthy Blood Pressure
Enjoy a week of delicious anti-inflammatory foods tailored to help improve blood pressure in this nutritious and flavorful 7-day meal plan.

More Heart-Healthy Diet Center

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Eating for your heart is more than salmon and an apple a day. Try eating some of these lesser-known foods that are great for your heart.
Healthy High-Blood Pressure Meal Plan for Beginners
Follow this plan for a week of beginner heart-healthy recipes to lower your blood pressure and improve your health.
19 DASH Diet Soups to Cozy Up With This Winter

There is no cozier food than soup, and these recipes showcase ingredients like vegetables, whole grains and legumes that are standbys in the DASH Diet.