Low-Carb Diet Center

Learn about low-carb diets with articles, meal plans and recipes from EatingWell's food and nutrition experts.

Understanding a Low-Carb Diet

What Does a Healthy Serving of Carbs Look Like?
Carbs can be healthy if you choose the right carbs and don't overdo it on portions.
What Are Net Carbs?
Learn why people are counting net carbs, how to calculate them and if it's something you should be doing.
A Registered Dietitian Answers All of Your Carb Questions
A nutrition expert tackles the internet's top questions on carbohydrates from low-carb diets to snacks.
What Is the Slow-Carb Diet?
Is the slow-carb diet worth trying? Will it help you lose weight? EatingWell explains.

Healthy Low-Carb Foods

30 Healthy Low-Carb Foods to Eat
On a low-carb diet? Here's how and what to eat for balanced meals and snacks, including low-carb grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables.
6 Low-Carb Breads That Are Actually Worth Buying
These delicious and nutritious breads can be good options if you are trying to lower your carb intake.
20 Low-Carb, High-Protein Lunch Recipes for Winter

Highlighting seasonal ingredients, these lunches are well-suited for the winter months. Plus, they're low in carbs and high in protein, so these meals are light yet satisfying choices to keep you energized.