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Mediterranean Diet Basics

8 Ways to Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Better Health
What is the Mediterranean diet and how can you start eating one of the healthiest diets in the world? Here are easy ideas to get more Mediterranean diet foods into your life.
Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan for Beginners
Whether you're new to cooking, just starting your journey to healthier eating or looking to simplify your routine, this Mediterranean meal plan for beginners can help.
What a Day of Following the Mediterranean Diet Looks Like
See what you actually get to eat when you're on the Mediterranean diet, plus delicious recipes and meal-prep ideas.

Mediterranean Diet & Your Health

6 Ways the Mediterranean Diet Helps You Live Longer, According to a Dietitian
Following the Mediterranean diet can increase your life expectancy and reduce the risk of early death.
6 Ways to Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Better Blood Sugar
The Mediterranean diet does just about everything and helping to balance blood sugars and prevent complications from diabetes are just some of its amazing benefits. Read on to learn more about how you can follow the Mediterranean diet for better health.
Charred Shrimp, Pesto & Quinoa Bowls
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These shrimp, pesto and quinoa bowls are delicious, healthy, pretty and take less than 30 minutes to prep. In other words, they're basically the ultimate easy weeknight dinner. Feel free to add additional vegetables and swap the shrimp for chicken, steak, tofu or edamame.